Facebook Ads or Sponsored stories: What's Better?

There are various kinds of Internet marketing channels available for businesses to market thier products and services online. Some of the most common marketing channels are SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing - which includes seo and paid ads and in general any kind of search marketing), Paid ads like PPC (pay-per-click ads) which can be done on various search engines, social media platforms, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and email marketing to name the few most common ones.

In this sense, it is the disclosure of a story that occurred on the page of your company / product. Being clearer, by hiring the sponsored stories, you choose which activities on your page would like them to be published, (place, web page, app / game and the page itself), I suggest a more in-depth reading on the facebook page for sponsored stories .

Facebook ads (short for advertising) is the possibility of using the network to advertise your fun page by hiring keywords.

Established these two concepts we can begin to differentiate the functionality of these two important tools.

The first of these is in targeting, by hiring the facebook ads service, you get several forms of targeting including focusing only on those who are not yet a fan of your page, on the other hand, sponsored stories will be released only to those who are friends of your fans .

It is this difference that puts the two services in different functions, while sponsored stories focuses mainly on the engagement of the activities of your fan page, facebook ads is mainly aimed at exposing more your page and get more fans.

That said, there is nothing that is better, there is a planning to be done. If your Facebook page does not have a large number of fans, sponsored stories will not reach a large number of users and thus become somewhat useless.

Invest first in facebook ads to expose your page to network users, increase your number of fans, generate content so that the followers of your brand begin to interact in your timeline, after that invest a part also in sponsored stories.

After these two actions, measure the results, analyze which of the two tools has achieved the greatest return, and plan your next investment.

Why should your company invest in facebook ads?

Google ads or Facebook ads: What better?

Below is an infographic that Social Media guru Brian Carter made after a $ 100 investment in ads in the two most important online advertising vehicles, Google and Facebok.

According to this study the traffic of facebook is 3x larger, the reach 15x larger and the exposure 35x larger when compared to Google Adwords.

Does this mean that it's worth investing 35x more on Facebook? The answer certainly is no. This simple study does not take into account the quality of the clicks, let alone the ROI (Operational Return on Investment).

It is clear that facebook today is the social media marketing channel that reaches the highest audience (see chart below) of all on the internet, however, in all the pages we visit on facebook advertising appears next to it, even segmented by the authors and by facebook itself is still in a certain way random and therefore it generates random clicks.

On the other hand, the consumer when searching google has the intention of at least seeking information about a particular brand or product and often has the desire to make the purchase.

The trade via Facebook already exists, but compared to other means of buying online is still a child.

Thus, facebook is more efficient for institutionalizing the brand, while Google is more effective to achieve the ultimate goal that are the sales of the advertised products.

So the best thing to do is to plan the investment in the two giants with different results in mind and what you want to achieve with the campaign so that your site / company can get better results.

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